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Portfolio. Creation of the corporate identity for ‘Eventext Group’ Company


‘Eventext Group’ Company cooperates with many Ukrainian and international companies and has a good reputation in the sphere of arranging business trips. The company has many years of experience in organizing successful events.

The main assignment for the project was to create 3 harmonious logos for several spheres of the company’s activity. The chosen colors are an elegant gradient combination of blue as a symbol of tranquility, reliability, and confidence, emerald as a symbol of help and friendliness and calm violet color as a symbol of care and warmth.

ajdentika-eventex-group-03 ajdentika-eventex-group-04 ajdentika-eventex-group-05 ajdentika-eventex-group-06 ajdentika-eventex-group-07 ajdentika-eventex-group-08
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