Das Art Institut
Branding and Development


The project included a range of complex tasks to create a web platform for an art gallery located in Karlsruhe, Germany. The website was not only intended to showcase the gallery, but also to have an online art shop. One of the main challenges was to develop several user profiles depending on their roles, allowing them to upload and sell artworks on the platform. Also, was implemented an admin panel for owners of the project. During the development process, there was a need to create a logo and establish the visual style of the brand materials


The main idea of logo was to combine differents styles of typographe to make a parallel with different techniques of artists which are represented in gallery. Also, it should be good readable and remarkble

UX Research

Architecture and testing of the interactive prototype are among the most crucial parts of project development for our team. Any final decisions must be user-friendly. Since the plan includes potential modifications to the platform based on user needs, an important step in development was to create a library of styles and elements for the ability to quickly and systematically edit the project

UI Design

Not less important part of the project is design of interface which should be leaded by branding identity style and UX research results.